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Other Programs

Duke University

Doctoral Training for the Versatile Humanist

Award: 350,000

Description: Implementation grant consisting of six core elements: Pedagogical innovation, Project management, External internships, Individual advising, Supportive… more »

City University of New York

The New PhD: A Renaissance of Public Education

Award: 25,000

Description: The Integration of multiple career outcomes early into experience in graduate school.… more »

Fordham University

The “Living Humanities” PhD for the 21st Century

Award: 24,957

Description: Six primary themes: Revitalize Learning Outcomes, Inhabit the New Learning Ecosystem, Mentor… more »

Lehigh University

Public Pedagogies: Graduate Education and the Interdisciplinary Humanities at Lehigh University

Award: 25,000

Description: Collaboration between the History and English departments, with an emphasis on… more »

Loyola University, Chicago

Charting Career Pathways: Enhancing and Sustaining Doctoral Education in the Humanities

Award: 25,000

Description: Workshops focused on mentoring students for a professional world. Collaboration with… more »

Pennsylvania State University

Holistic Rethinking of the Humanities PhD: Seminars, Dissertation, Internationalization, Fellowships

Award: 25,000

Description:Formation of a new Committee, consisting of activities already taking place, to create… more »

Princeton University

Transforming Graduate Education in the Humanities at Princeton

Award: 25,000

Description: Monthly meetings with faculty and students. Focus is on thematic visions of doctoral training… more »

University of California, Irvine

UCI Next Generation PhDs in the Humanities

Award: 25,000

Description: Four topics of foucs: rethinking training among faculty and staff, integration of different employment opportunities… more »

University of California, Santa Barbara

Training for Nonacademic Careers in a Research-University Setting

Award: 25,000

Description: Workshops, panels, and funding for the annual Beyond Acdademia Conference. Continuing work that has… more »

University of California, Santa Cruz

UC Santa Cruz Next Generation Humanities PhD Planning Grant

Award: 25,000

Description: Collaboration with the Institute for Humanities Research. Workshops designed to expand doctoral expertise… more »

Wayne State University

Wayne State University The Value of Humanities in the Global City: Rethinking Culture and Opportunity in Detroit

Award: $25,000

Description:  Creation of “Next Generation Faculty… more »

Washington University

Washington University Cohorts, Courses, Qualifications, and Careers: Reconceptualizing the Humanities PhD at Washington University

Award: $25,000

Description: Monthly meetings between four groups in the department… more »

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee: Transforming the Culture of Post-Doctoral Humanities Careers

Award: $24,890

Description: Workshops with an emphasis on curricular development and alumni advisors.

Director: Jason Puskar

Website:… more »

University of Texas, El Paso

University of Texas, El Paso: Preparing Humanities Professionals in PhD Programs at an Hispanic-Serving Institution

Award: $25,000

Description: UTEP is focused on providing minority groups with… more »

University of Rhode Island

University of Rhode Island Humanities at Large

Award: $25,000

Description: Five key areas of the project: coastal environment, cultural organizations, digital/big data, health/medicine, and publishing/editing. Cross-disciplinary and… more »

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill: RE-Envisioning the Humanities PhD

Award: $25,000

Description: Collaboration, Careers, Curriculum and Dissertation, and Data. Consists of private subcommittee meetings… more »

University of New Mexico

University of New Mexico Humanities Collective (LoboHUB/Humanities Unbound): Planning for the Next Generation of Humanities Scholars at UNM

Award: $24,895

Description: General planning around a redesign… more »