Core Committee
Brennan Collins, Associate Director, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (project director)
Denise Davidson, Director of Graduate Studies, Department of History (project co-director)
Dylan Ruediger, AHA Career Diversity Coordinator (project co-director)
Chris Kocela, Director of Graduate Studies, Department of English
Robin Wharton, Lecturer in English
Jeff Young, Lecturer in History
Carol Winkler, Associate Dean of College of Arts and Science
Amber Amari, Assistant Dean for Graduate Services, College of Arts and Sciences
Lisa Armistead, Associate Provost for Graduate Programs
Thomas Breideband, PhD Candidate in English
Ashley Cheyemi McNeil, PhD Candidate in English
Laurissa Wolfram, GSU English PhD Alumni, Mailchimp
Mark Fleszar, GSU History PhD Alumni, Verizon Wireless
George Pullman, Professor of English
Ness Creighton, PhD Candidate in History
Valerie Robin, GSU English PhD Alumni, SITA

Secondary Committee
Karyn Lu, CNN/HLN
Kallen Deck,UX Designer, Better Cloud
Carrie Heffner, MailChimp, GSU English MA
Christian Sager, HowStuffWorks
Joe Hurley, Data Service & GIS Librarian
Tim Merritt, Center for Instructional Innovation
Alan Pike, McKinsey Digital
Alex Cummings, Professor of History
Jeff Glover, Professor of Archaeology

Graduate Assistants
Leah Kleinberger
Megan Warley McDonald
Jacob Dent
Kateland Wolfe
Dionne Clark
Christine Anlicker