Draft Goals and Benchmarks for NextGenPhD Planning

NEH Goals and Benchmarks


Relationships to Business

Career Diversity Advisory Board (Cultural, SIF)- April 15, 2017

  • 15 person (at least 10 outside of university)
  • 2 annual meetings
  • First meeting set for May 2017

Coordinate with Business School to establish models for outreach to business world (cultural) – Jan 1 2017

DH Program

  • DH certificate program drafted by end of semester- December 15, 2016
  • DH certificate program approved through University – May 1, 2017
  • Identify specific mechanism for coordination with SIF project within the DH certificate program ( SIF) Dec 15 2017

Data Plan

Work with Tim Rennick’s office to Establish Data Plan for keeping track of PhD Alumni in History and English (Data)- April 15, 2017

Create report on surveys from planning process and historical retention/progression data (data)- April 2017

Develop plan for conducting future surveys and data gathering of students and alumni (data)

Training Workshops

Coordinate with library and CETL to integrate their technology training seminars with SIF/DH projects – Spring 2017

Cultural Changes

Add Professional Development and Career Diversity to Grad Director (Industry. Training)- April 30, 2017

  •      Career diversity panel
  •      Alumni tracking
  •      Working with career diversity GRA

Establish yearly Former PhD career diversity panel (Industry. Training)- October 31

  •      $1,500 total from English, History, and grad associations for honorariums and food

Initiate faculty discussions about need for curricular changes to programs.

Write narrative, based on surveys and notes throughout planning process, on evidence of shifting attitudes toward non-academic professionalization of doctoral students throughout the planning process:  April 2017.

Alternative Funding for Graduate Study

Figure out the rules and roadblocks for setting up internships Nov 1 2016

  • Find out internship rules in USG and at GSU
  • Look at programs in religious studies, historic preservation, coops and business school to draft a model for future SIF/humanities internships

Develop Internships (Industry)- August 15, 2017

  • Pilot 2 internships Fall 2017

Establish ongoing GRA positions in History and English connected to career diversity and tracking (Industry. Training, Cultural)- October 31

  • Annual positions in History and English

Student Innovation Fellowship

Stabilize SIF funding (alternative funding)- Dec 15th 2016

In collaboration with businesses and digital humanities specialists, identify core skills we need to be targeting for development by SIF/NEXT GEN fellows Jan 1 2017

Build spreadsheet of current SIF/CETL/Library/DH projects with an assessment of how they support core skills (Training)- February 2017

If necessary, design new SIF projects to address core skills which currently lack SIF project support, ready for rollout in Fall 2017