Student Innovation Fellows

Infographic Resume

Originally posted April 2, 2016

I have been on the job market since September.

The academic job market takes just short of forever, and is a HUGE commitment. As a result, I have become curious about other job markets and how they work. I essentially know exactly nothing about how to get a… more »

Reimagining Graduate Education in the Humanities through the SIF Program

Originally Posted April 20th, 2015

Last Friday, a panel of SIF fellows presented at the CIE Conference on Pedagogy. Due to some issues with time management on our panel, my remarks ended up being abbreviated considerably. So, I thought I’d throw them up here:

“Reimagining Graduate Education in the Humanities through the SIF… more »

SIF at the Crossroads

Originally Posted January 27th, 2016

This March, historians from around the country will be gathering at Drew University to discuss the state of graduate education in the field. Like many disciplines, particularly (but by no means exclusively) in the humanities, history departments have been burdened for years by aging graduate curricula and cultural… more »

SIF-ing “in the clouds”

Originally Posted by Ashley McNeil on October 7, 2016

As a first-year Student Innovation Fellow, I’ve been learning the ropes this past month. The projects that are encompassed in the SIF domain are multiple, collaborative by nature and design, and have more arms than a centipede. This kind of learning is, I have to… more »