Proposals and Documentation

Final Project White Paper

The final white paper about Georgia State’s experience with the NEH Next Generation PhD Planning Grant was authored by Thomas Breideband, Brennan Collins, Denise Davidson, Chris Kocela, Ashley Cheyemi McNeil, and Robin Wharton. A PDF version of the final white paper submitted to the NEH during the summer 2017 can be accessed here.

NEH Next Generation Humanities PhD Planning Grant

Abstract and Overview Planning Committee Planning Themes Proposed Timeline

Abstract and Overview

As the late recession made long-term trend-lines in the employment prospects of PhDs in the humanities impossible to ignore, real momentum has gathered toward reforming graduate education to better reflect the multiple career paths open to humanists. In recent… more »

NEH Planning Committee Meeting Minutes 9/28/16

On Wednesday, September 28th, we held a very successful Next Generation Humanities PhD core planning committee meeting.  In this meeting, we defined committee members’ roles, shared updates of our current work, and established planning goals and directions.  Throughout the meeting we referenced our recent event on September 20th and discussed concrete benchmarks to facilitate… more »