GSU NextGen PhD Findings Featured in Council of Graduate Schools Report

The Council of Graduate Schools recently released a report, “Promising Practices in Humanities PhD Professional Development.” In their report, the CGS cites with approval the white paper GSU prepared about our experience with the NEH Next Generation PhD Planning grant process, and what we learned about how better to prepare humanities PhD and… more »

Career Diversity Workshop, Wed., Sept. 27, 2017

As an outcome of the NEH Next Generation PhD planning grant, the departments of English and History committed to integrating career diversity training into departmental programming for graduate students. Togoether, the departments are sponsoring an annual career diversity workshop, where GSU graduate student alumni who have gone into careers outside the academy share their advice… more »

Looking Ahead

As we near the end of our NEH Next Generation PhD Planning Grant, the core committee has identified a number of initiatives on which we have made progress during the grant term, and on which we will continue to focus in the coming academic year.

Humanities MA programs and the NEH Next Generation Planning Process… more »

Preliminary Report of Faculty and Student Survey Responses

Posted On June 13, 2017
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The core committee conducted seven surveys of graduate faculty and students in the departments of History and English at GSU over the period of grant funding.  These surveys were divided into three main groups:  Group 1 attempted to gauge general attitudes about non-academic careers for doctoral students in the humanities prior to the majority of… more »

Video of “Workshop: Non Academic Work as a Viable ‘Plan A'”

Posted On January 18, 2017
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Morning: Afternoon:

This event was part of a series funded by a grant to the GSU History Department from the American Historical Association.  Jim Grossman, Executive Director of the AHA visited GSU and gave two presentations on Friday, October 28. Dr. Grossman has been on the forefront of the career diversity conversations that have been taking place around the country. His… more »

NEH Next Generation Humanities PhD Planning Grant

Abstract and Overview Planning Committee Planning Themes Proposed Timeline

Abstract and Overview

As the late recession made long-term trend-lines in the employment prospects of PhDs in the humanities impossible to ignore, real momentum has gathered toward reforming graduate education to better reflect the multiple career paths open to humanists. In recent… more »