Fordham University

The “Living Humanities” PhD for the 21st Century

Award: 24,957

Description: Six primary themes: Revitalize Learning Outcomes, Inhabit the New Learning Ecosystem, Mentor the Whole Person, Incorporate Service, Ensure Access, and Cultivate a “living humanities” PhD Model. There is also a focus on mission work, Fordham being a Jesuit University.


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Lehigh University

Public Pedagogies: Graduate Education and the Interdisciplinary Humanities at Lehigh University

Award: 25,000

Description: Collaboration between the History and English departments, with an emphasis on cultivating new opportunities for research and dissertation work. The grant also provides four professional internships for the summer of 2017.


Director: Jenna Lay

Pennsylvania State University

Holistic Rethinking of the Humanities PhD: Seminars, Dissertation, Internationalization, Fellowships

Award: 25,000

Description:Formation of a new Committee, consisting of activities already taking place, to create the New Directions Fellowship program. This would prep students for non-academic jobs with the rigor of a traditional program.


Director: Eric Hayot

Loyola University, Chicago

Charting Career Pathways: Enhancing and Sustaining Doctoral Education in the Humanities

Award: 25,000

Description: Workshops focused on mentoring students for a professional world. Collaboration with the Communications Department to help develop skills outside of dissertation research.


Director: Patricia Mooney-Melvin

University of California, Irvine

UCI Next Generation PhDs in the Humanities

Award: 25,000

Description: Four topics of foucs: rethinking training among faculty and staff, integration of different employment opportunities into curriculum, new mentoring opportunities, and further documentation of post-doctoral career paths.


Director: Julia Lupton